Regional Wildfire Update

We know there are many questions and concerns regarding wildfires in the region which are affecting Norman Wells’ air quality. We will provide updates to the community as information is made available to us and we will share resources and other helpful information when possible.

We’d like to thank GNWT MACA for their leadership and keeping the Fire Chief informed and involved as the wildfire situation across the region evolves. MACA is the governing body when it comes to wildfire evacuations and they will be releasing more information soon which we will share when available. To reach MACA Sahtu Regional Office please call 867-587-7100We would also like to note that GNWT does not evacuate communities due to poor air quality; Health and Social Services will make thatdetermination on a case-by-case basis as to whether someone should be evacuated due to health concerns. If you are experiencing serious symptoms such as dizziness, chest pain, severe cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, or heart palpitations; seek medical assistance. Sahtú Got’iné Regional Health and Social Services Centre phone number during regular hours of operation is 867-587-3333. For after hours or weekend emergencies please call 867 444 4321. Chief Scott is receiving regular updates from the Territorial Emergency Measures Organization and will continue to share updates as they come. To reach the Fire Chief please call 867-688-0683 or email

Heavy smoke is expected to remain in the area for the next few days.  To see the regional smoke map visit Currently, it is recommended that you reduce your exposure to wildfire smoke, especially if you are high risk (seniors, pregnant people, children/infants, people with chronic illness/health conditions). Ways to reduce exposure to wildfire smoke include staying indoors and keep windows and doors closed. If possible, use an air purifier to filter particles from wildfire smoke.

The Penguin Palace Pool will remain closed during times of poor air quality. The Pool operates with a natural ventilation system not an HVAC system. We are looking into ways to improve the air quality inside the building. We encourage you to keep an eye on the air quality index by visiting . Staff will evaluate the conditions of the pool daily while consulting the air quality information on the Government of Canada website.

The Town Office is still serving as a cooling centre during office hours of 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and willingness to help during this time

To contact the Town of Norman Wells please call 867-587-3700 or email