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Canadian North Service Cuts to Norman Wells Community Survey

Canadian North Community Update:

Council recognizes that the recent change to Canadian North flight schedule in Norman Wells  impacts our community today and into the future in a very serious way and is moving forward on the following:

  • Mayor Pope is in constant communication with Michael
    Rodyniuk, President and CEO of Canadian North and has met with Mr. Rodyniuk and some Canadian North senior staff about the impacts of these service cuts on our community and potential short, mid and ultimately long-term solutions.
  • Canadian North is actively pursuing changes to mitigate possible impacts to our community
  • Mayor Pope has had discussions with IORL, Michael Mcleod MP, and various stakeholders to gather information on how these cuts were determined, and how they will potentially impact us.
  • We are working on an advocacy strategy with the Federal level of government and other community leaders.

We are learning a lot about the airline industry, relevant stakeholders and the formula used to determine the viability of service to our community.

We need information from our community members and businesses on how service cuts impact us and our quality of life in Norman Wells. Personal testimonials will help us educate others of the realities of living in a Northern fly-in community.

Please respond to the survey below!

We will also provide forms and boxes at the Town office, Ramparts, and the Northern for written responses. All input is important so please do not hesitate to contact any member of Council with your story.

https://survey.sogolytics.com/r/WBRtpg SURVEY