We Want to Hear from You: Canada Day

Norman Wells, we would like to hear your feedback regarding this year’s Canada Day Parade. In light of the recent discoveries at former residential school sites and the time of reflection on the tragedies indigenous peoples have suffered, we feel it is important to evaluate this year’s Canada Day.

We will soon be releasing an updated Canada Day event, that will incorporate aboriginal culture activities and recognition, and an updated poster that will focus on community gathering rather than a celebration. While being able to have events after the recent relaxing of restrictions, we felt it was important to still put something on for the community because we all know the effects the pandemic has had on us. In addition to these changes, we would like your feedback on the parade. Are we comfortable going ahead? Would you like us to cancel the parade? Please provide us some comments if you like. We will evaluate all options and move in the direction most in favour by the community. Thank you!

Please submit your comments to towninformation@normanwells.com.