Volunteer Firefighter of the Year

On behalf of the Town of Norman Wells and the Norman Wells Volunteer Fire Department I would like to congratulate Captain Drayton Walker on being awarded firefighter of the year. Captain Walker has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond. Captain walker started as a firefighter a couple years ago and through hard work and dedication has quickly risen through the ranks. Captain Walker was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and as of last year was promoted to Captain. Captain Walker has earned the respect of his team because he is involved in every departmental function, every training session and every fire call. Captain walker has been a key player in the department obtaining NFPA 1001 certification and he will be utilizing those skills to continue educating and training our up and coming members. I would like to thank you for your dedicated service to the department and the town. Thank you very much Captain Walker I look forward to working with you to make the community a safer place and to ensure we have the best darn Fire Department Norman Wells has ever seen! So if you see Captain Walker around the community please thank him for his dedication to the community and his willingness to put others first.

– Chief Scott