Update from Mayor Frank Pope

September 7, 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

This weekend I took a much appreciated mini break out to the family cabin with Stuart and Cathy after having checked the Covid containment rules. I was happy to see so many community members doing the same thing. Being out on the land is a great way to release some of the stress caused by this emergency.

I was reminded this weekend of the many things that I am thankful for; the land, my family, and this community. All three of which are very important in this emergency.

Thank you to everyone who has followed all protocol set forth by Dr. Kandola. I understand that these restrictions are frustrating, but because of everyone’s effort we are coming out of the front end of this crisis.

Thank you to each and every community member, our Public Health Officers and MACA, nurses, teachers, and our many, many volunteers! Because of you there has been a decrease in our actual case numbers, many individuals are successfully out of isolation, and our random patrols have reduced hours to nighttime only because most people are adhering to the rules as determined by Dr. Kandola

Though we were taken by surprise by the containment order, we were ready financially as well as people wise to deal with the rapidly changing situation.

I would also like to note. that every interview I have taken as Mayor recently has given me an opportunity to brag about our community and how each of you has handled matters during this time. I’m very proud of this community and how everyone has come together during this difficult time.

At this point we are waiting for the epidemiological report. This report will help us understand our high counts in effluent as this has been a lingering question of the community and of myself.

I would also like to note that Town operations have not missed a beat during containment. I thank town staff for their hard work and dedication.

Contact numbers:

Town Office: 867-587-3700 towninformation@normanwells.com

MACA regional: 867- 587-7100

Emergency Response Coordinator: 867-445-9114

811- covid 19 related questions

How I have gotten my information:

  • I am apart of the Community Emergency Response Committee. This is where leadership and community members share information and strategies related to said emergency.
  • I am also apart of a 10am Regional meetings. I have also learned how well the Sahtu communities are working together.
  • Listening to community concerns.
  • Direct from Dr. Kandola.