Update: Advocacy Initiatives in Ottawa

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates with you regarding Mayor Pope’s recent advocacy work in Ottawa. Over the past week, Mayor Pope, and Mayor Yallee from Tulita have been tirelessly working to address crucial issues that directly impact not only our community, but the entire Sahtu Region. Their efforts have focused on climate change and its impacts on human health, quality education in the North, food security, the economy, and transportation/supply issues in Northern Canada.

Mayors Pope and Yallee have been engaging with several Federal Ministries including Northern Affairs and Environment and Climate Change to ensure that our concerns are heard at the highest levels of government. One of their primary objectives includes advocating for the accelerated completion of the all-season road between Wrigley and Norman Wells and establishing a dynamic “Friends of the Mackenzie Valley Highway” activist group.

We are grateful for Mayor Pope and Mayor Yallee’s dedication and hard work in representing the interests of the Sahtu Region in Ottawa.

Thank you to Senators Anderson (NWT), Patterson (Nunavut) and staff for taking the time to meet with Mayor Pope and Mayor Yallee.

Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of Mayor Pope’s advocacy work!

Please review the document below which provides comprehensive details on the advocacy work carried out by Mayor Pope and Mayor Yallee.