Town of Norman Wells SWDF Water License and Conditions

The Town of Norman Wells is permitted to operate the solid waste disposal facility under a Sahtu Land and Water Board License that sets out specific conditions of operation and environmental monitoring.

The conditions of operation are in place to ensure that the Town’s SWDF will not have an adverse impact on the natural environment (lands, water and wildlife). To operate a SWDF in the Sahtu Region a water license is required from the Sahtu Land and Water Board.

The SWDF operates under the conditions set out in license S18L3-003 (issued November 19, 2018). The license allows for the development, operation and environmental monitoring of the SWDF until it’s approved capacity is either filled, an expansion approval granted or until the date of November 18, 2038. The license is issued subject to specific conditions that must be complied with.

GNWT department of Environment and Climate Change are the reserve inspector and regulatory body for the Town’s water license. ECC enforces the conditions of the water license and the Town of Norman Wells has a responsibility to comply.

For water licensing questions please call the Sahtu Land and Water Board at 867-598-2413.

For questions regarding water license conditions including gate closures please call Environment and Climate Change at 867-587-7200.