Town of Norman Wells Council Update

  • Fire Department Update: Training as been identified as a major concern in the department. Getting the crew up to 1001 standard is a goal that the department has set to achieve. Ross potter has been working with the department to address current issues such as training equipment maintenance etc. Ross is a certified instructor and will be able to help lead the department in the right direction.
  • Public Works: Continued work with engineers on capital projects including the landfill expansion, drainage project, and chip seal project.
  • Finance: Audit/Year end 2021 is in progress and ahead of schedule. Outstanding utilities collections: phone calls have been made to accounts with outstanding balances, this did clean up a few accounts but there are still several outstanding. The Finance manager asked Council for permission to send out notices with the next utilities bills that a list of outstanding accounts will be published. Council supports publishing a list of delinquent accounts.
  • Recreation: facilities are now open again after being closed for  a period of time as per GNWT Gatherings Order. The department had success running their virtual programs during the facility closures.
  • Economic Development and Tourism: is a brand new department at the Town of Norman Wells. Economic Development Officer, Carl Ceder, joins the senior management team with extensive experience in the Economic Development and Tourism Industry. Carl has been reaching out to local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, ITI, and SBDC. The EDO also works closely with the Economic Development and Tourism Committee who are working on implementing the 5 year Economic Development Strategic Plan.
  • Council has successfully passed three readings of the Economic Development and Tourism by law.
  • The Advancement of Equity and Inclusion Committee recommended Council adopt a revised Harassment Policy as presented by the Committee. Council adopted the policy which ensures all staff enjoy a work environment that is free of personal, sexual, and racial harassments. Thank you to the AEIC for their hard work on this policy! The revised policy will be an easy and safe way for employees to submit their complaints. The current and revised policies were circulated to all Town employees for comments and approval in December 2021 and January 2022. Comments received from employees have been reflected in the revised policy. The committee has fully defined all types of harassment and added missing definitions to revised policy.

The policy has been sent out to all contractors who work closely with Town of Norman Wells Employees.

For full meeting minutes click here.