Surface Peeling and Snow Removal Notice

This winter, Norman Wells has experienced significant snowfall as shown in the chart below. As such, the surface peeling and snow removal processes will take more time to complete.

1. The surface peeling process has begun. Surface peeling is a process where hard-packed snow is scraped and removed from the surface of roads, walkways, alleyways, etc. This process is not only being done economically, but also carefully in order to avoid any damage to the chip seal.

2. The Town will monitor the visibility at intersections or lane entrances. Windrows or high snow piles which impede motorists’ and or pedestrians’ line of sight will be removed as soon as possible.

3. Excess snow will be hauled to the snow dump site (near the landfill) or moved onto town property at the end of some roadways in which there are drainage ditches.

4. Property owners are responsible for snow removal on their own properties (snow placed by town crews will be removed). Take note, when you are clearing snow, please do not obstruct access to the utilidor or fire hydrants. Ensure there is 3 meter access to the Town’s fire hydrants and utilidor.

The public is responsible for taking steps to inform themselves of the current road conditions and adjusting driving routes, patterns, and behaviour where necessary to reduce the risk of injury or accident as much as possible.
We encourage all residents to take an active role in reporting concerns about road conditions to the Town Office and be patient while the Town responds to those concerns.

The Town is not responsible for incidents incurred due to poor vehicle condition or poor tires.

To contact the town of Norman Wells please visit , call 867-587-3700 or email