State of the Town Address: Part 7

We have operated on fact in all areas of responsibility and where possible we are open to sharing information.

Operational successes

  • Strategic cash flow decisions
  • Priority setting i.e., making payroll and pay bills
  • Audit as per policy of TNW which requires straight line amortization
  • We were able to minimize water rate increases in negotiation with our provider by extending existing contract for 2 years
  • Draft budget in preparation for new council will be presented to Council second week of September
  • Maintenance budgets and plans i.e.: for failing chip seal
  • Inspections ensure that any work we choose to do is warranted i.e., bca on rec facilities
  • Equal treatment in collection of outstanding town accounts on taxes and utilities. Many thanks to the community.
  • Grants, obtain grants through continual staff effort on research and application

Capital investments

  • Every effort made to cover capital costs with grant funds
  • Purchase of Backhoe, dump truck and skid steer
  • Drainage study and plan
  • Park work and creation, rest areas, skateboard and bmx track equipment
  • Trail work, fully walkable town
  • Road work
  • landfill
  • Pool upgrade
  • Playgrounds upgrade to requisite safety regs.
  • Ball diamond work
  • Jackfish
  • Bandy lake creation of an additional day use picnic site for our residents
  • Southside drainage, higher standard
  • Town wide chip seal and maintenance budgets, a town wide chip seal project rfp in planning stages and funds already ensured for entire project to quality standard
  • Couturier lot: last year a good start on clean-up, next stage remediation we will lead by example (GNWT lots)
  • LED Sign
  • Town street signage x75
  • New picnic tables to be installed at each rest area
  • Pool work
  • New website
  • New financial system
  • Utilities work; upgrade of filter underdrains at Water Treatment Plant and filter media replacement
  • Replacement of fire hydrants and repair hydrant boxes on the above ground portion of the town’s water mains

Council has approved a Capital Project Funding Strategy. This will cover capital plan investments going forward for 2021/2022. This plan will ensure:

  • the corporation’s ability to legitimately cover its 25% obligation on ICIP and BCA grant obligations
  • the corporation’s ability to cash flow projects moving forward without jeopardizing its ability to consistently meet payroll and pay the bills