State of the Town Address: Part 1

Earlier this month, we shared the Mayor and Council “Term Report”. As promised, over the next 7 days, we are going to share the state of the town address in bite sized pieces. The state of the town address shares some of the work that has been done here in Norman Wells over the past 2.5 years, and a glimpse into what is to come!

“State of the Town Address (term report) to the community of Norman Wells from Mayor and Council 2019-2021 Part 1:

Vision: “The Town of Norman Wells has a diverse economy and is a place of equal access and opportunity which values sustainable growth, safety, community engagement for all residents and visitors. We see our community as being a welcoming regional hub which works with other Sahtu communities for the benefit of our Town and the Region.”

Our focus has been one of construction with and for our community. We thank each of you for your input on the many important issues faced over this term. Your input has allowed us to move forward in providing non-political governance for the good of our community long term.

*Worked diligently to develop an environment of respect and welcome for our employees and community and are presently reviewing Council’s Procedural Bylaw to ensure ethical conduct by Council*Difficult and unpopular decisions, service levels, landfill. These decisions are often based on the regulatory bodies we are subservient to, such as the SLWB in relation to our Landfill.

*Actions of the Mayor and Council are based on the strategic plan developed when first elected and which will stay in place as a baseline for the new council.*Planning with a focus on a quality future for Norman Wells


*We were told that this process would require patience. We are protecting the town’s interests, not our own. Trust that we are not hiding anything on purpose, solely seeking justice and accountability. We are aware that many of our residents are curious about the process, but we cannot and will not compromise the cases. At any given time, there are corporate issues that we must deal with as confidential this is only one of those situations.

*Ours is a “take the high road, play the long game” approach as these cases take time, civilly and criminally. These issues have not placed a financial hardship on the corporation.

We have operated on fact in all areas of responsibility and where possible we are open to sharing information.