Solid Waste Management Site Update

Council recently passed the Solid Waste Management By Law.

There is a need to expand the landfill, therefore we must manage it more diligently as per the Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB) in order for our water license to remain in compliance.

Over the next week, we will be providing information and updates on the following:

1. Gate Closure/Transfer Station

2. Hours of Operation

3. Salvageable Waste

4. Recyclables

5. Prohibited Waste/Hazardous Waste

6. Accepted Household Waste

Important highlights:
1. No additional fees to residential users (increase in garbage collection fee which is currently charged on all utility bills).
2. 24/7 dumping available even when the gate is locked as there will be a transfer station located outside of the gates. (Reminder to residents to use the blue bins located throughout town)

Landfill and Public Works staff will continue educating the public on proper dumping procedures and accepted waste.

To review the solid waste management by law click here.