Solid Waste Management By Law Updates

Good afternoon,

The Landfill is important to all of us and it has been a major issue for Council this term. The Solid Waste Management By Law process has taken us approximately two years to complete. During this process, have held a number of community and business engagement sessions: 

  1. Surveys to residents and industry (2020)
  2. Interviews with residents and industry (2020)
  3. First and Second reading by Town Council (May 19, 2020)
  4. Solid Waste Management Assessment, Gap Analysis and Recommendations (September 2020)
  5. Extensive By Law review (2021)
  6. Public Input (May/June 2021)
  7. Public Hearing (June 9, 2021)
  8. Third Reading (September, 2021)

The landfill is managed by the Town. We use grant funds and rented equipment to manage the solid waste site and at times, we are also able to call upon our Civil Works contractor when needed.

There is a need to expand the landfill, therefore we must manage it more diligently as per the Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB) in order for our water license to remain in compliance.  

The last governance piece of the process is finalizing the by law which was discussed today with Milestone Environmental Contracting at the Committee of the Whole Meeting.

Solid Waste Management By Law highlights include the following:

  • Terms and conditions applicable to users.
  • Fees which are to be determined in January by Council.
  • Continuing to allow for any person to retrieve salvageable materials at their own risk and expense, during the hours of operation at the Solid Waste Disposal Facility.
  • Gate closure which is to be determined as per customer needs .
  • A  transfer station which will be located outside of the gates to accommodate all solid waste needs.

We thank everyone for their support, comments, feedback, input, and open discussions regarding the landfill.
  To review the draft by law click here.