Reaching New Horizons Brand Development Initiative 2023

Brand Journey, and Marketing & Communications Strategy

Town of Norman Wells to Shape its Sustainable Future in Development of a Brand

-Community input to be sought via survey and social media-

February 9, 2023 – Residents will be asked to share their ideas about the future of Norman Wells in a brand development
initiative devoted to answering the question: What does our sustainable future look like as a community?

Today, Norman Wells can be appreciated for its Dene and Métis roots, cultural diversity, small-town connectivity, friendliness, and its distinct oil industry within the Northwest Territories. A northern location presents challenges – from affordability to access to markets for economic activity. The population of Norman Wells is 7% less than it was 10 years ago, which reflects a community that needs to re-energize pursuit of new economic pathways, and a challenge for communities when it comes to investing/re-investing in infrastructure and amenities. However, a northern location also presents opportunities, from WILDerness tourism (e.g. hunting, Canol Trail) to northern-inspired art and crafts, to critical minerals that support important manufacturing sectors like communication technology, aerospace, low-carbon solutions, and digital technology.

“This initiative provides the Town of Norman Wells with an opportunity to have residents look back on 2023 as a year we settled on a sustainable horizon line for our community, and started to make it happen,” says Mayor Frank Pope.

Mayor Pope notes that this project isn’t about re-inventing Norman Wells, it’s about interpreting from existing plans and engaging community in their community and economic development ideas to tell a compelling story of the future to come for Norman Wells. “Imagine being on vacation and you are asked: What is Norman Wells all about?” says Mayor Pope. “We want to have the words and images that talk about a sustainable and ambitious future for Norman Wells. We want to help people answer that question. And that conversation can lead to a local business expansion, a new resident, business investment, or visitor to the community, which enables our Town to step into its full potential.”

The brand-building initiative is 100% grant funded through GNWT ITI Department (Industry, Tourism and Investment) Funding Programs and the Canadian Government and their Cannor department. Anticipated to be completed by mid April, the initiative will see the participation of a Brand Committee, as well as Town Staff and Council in direction-setting. The Town of Norman Wells, who is leading the initiative, has retained Alberta-based Unfussy ( to develop our brand.

For further information, please contact:

Carl Ceder
Economic Development Officer

Town of Norman Wells
t: 867-587-3700 – Town Office

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