Proposed Responsible Pet Ownership By Law

The Responsible Pet Ownership By Law (currently known as Companion Animal Control 10-23) aims to keep both pets and the community safe.

Administration and Protective Services has proposed an update to the existing by-law to ensure that pets are properly cared for and not placed in at-risk scenarios.

Some ongoing issues the bylaw updates intend to address include Dangerous Dog designations, trapping within the town of Norman Wells, incident reporting, and harbouring.

An update to the Companion Animal Control ByLaw ensures that The Town is reaching as many pet owners as possible and is creating effective compliance and education by recognizing new trends that will impact residents and businesses. 

The Town is required to regularly review the Companion Animal By-law to ensure that it is effectively meeting the needs of all residents. Additionally, changes are intended to add/change provisions in the bylaw to: 

  • encourage responsible pet ownership and  
  • provide Municipal Law Enforcement Officers with the tools necessary to enforce these rules.  

Staff will be reaching out to stakeholder organizations and residents (both pet owners and non) to get feedback on the proposed updates to the by-law. The objectives are to:

o Inform stakeholders about current pet ownership issues
o Explain the need to update the current by law
o Share proposed ideas
o Gather feedback from stakeholders

To review the Proposed Responsible Pet Ownership BY Law click here.