Property Standards By Law

What is the Property Standards By Law?

The by law sets the minimum standards for the safety and appearance of all buildings, structures and properties within the Municipal Boundaries of the Town of Norman Wells in order to provide for the safety of residents and the orderly development of the community.

The Town of Norman Wells have committed themselves to making every effort possible towards community beautification.

Unsightly Premises:

No person shall permit any land, premises, structure or erection of any kind whether owned, occupied or abandoned, or any excavation, surface water, refuse or other matter or thing upon any private land or road to be or remain untidy or unsightly.

Council may, by resolution, declare that the condition of certain lands constitutes a nuisance or that certain land or premises are in an unsightly condition and, within a specified period of time, require the owner/occupier of the land to:

a) remove litter or waste contributing to the unsightly condition at the owner’s expense.

b) construct a fence, wall, screen or similar structure to prevent the unsightly land from being viewed from any road or other public place.

c) remedy the condition in such other manner as the Town Manager may direct.The Town Manager may prohibit and provide for the removal of encroachments, obstructions and nuisances on municipal roads.

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