Please Do Not Litter

Be apart of the solution, not the pollution!

We kindly request your help in maintaining the cleanliness of our community. It is of utmost importance to properly dispose of trash in designated bins. By doing so, we can ensure a clean and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

Remember, littering not only spoils the appearance of our surroundings but also has serious consequences for our ecosystem. It can harm wildlife, pollute our waterways, and degrade the overall quality of our environment. Let’s come together to protect and preserve the beauty of our community.

Please be mindful of the following:

1. Use designated bins: Dispose of your trash in the available waste bins located throughout the community.

2. Secure your waste: Make sure all trash is properly bagged and securely tied to prevent litter from being scattered by wind or animals.

3. Clean up after pets: If you are a pet owner, always clean up after your furry friends. Bag and dispose of their waste in the appropriate bins.

4. Report overflowing bins: If you notice any bins that are overflowing or need maintenance, please call 867-587-3700.

Together, we can ensure that waste collection services are efficient and effective.