Penguin Palace Pool Rules

See below a list of rules for the Penguin Palace Pool. Pool rules exist to ensure the safety of the pool visitors as well as the hygiene of the pool facilities.

For questions please contact the Town Office at 867-587-3700 or email

Penguin Palace Pool Rules

Facility rules:
• No outdoor footwear on deck
• No alcohol, smoking, or illegal substance use in the building
• Report any maintenance issues or required cleaning to a lifeguard or staff member

Pool rules:
• No running on the pool deck
• No food or drink on the pool deck
• No person shall spit, spout water, blow their nose, urinate or otherwise pollute the pool
• No person having a communicable disease or open wounds shall use the pool
• No fighting or foul language
• All swimmers should take a soapy shower and thoroughly rise off all soapsuds before entering the pool
• No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed in the pool
Equipment rules
• Facility equipment such as reaching poles, life rings, anything in the guard station, chemicals, cleaning supplies/equipment, first aid kits, and the lifeguard chair are all OFF LIMITS for the public to use
• No walking on the pool deck with fins
• No standing on or swimming under the large floating mats
• No throwing flutter boards
• No slamming noodles
• Aquafit weights are for adult swim and aquafit only
• No standing on flutter boards
• No throwing equipment at other patrons (unless it’s a consensual game of catch)
• Use equipment respectfully

Pool admission requirements:
• Penguin Palace Pool is open to the public and is free to enter (during the set times on our schedule)
• For Open swims, anyone over the age of 7 can come in, anyone under 7 must be accompanied by someone 16 or older
• Our more adult programs we hold, adult/lane swim, aquafit, adult lessons, are open to the public aged 16 and up