Penguin Palace Community Update

Community Pool Update

It is that time of year again in Norman Wells where we are accustomed to seeing the pool being prepared to open. Last year due to the pandemic the pool was closed for the year. During that time, Council discussed ways to possibly extended the yearly season, which prompted us to look at options to do a building condition assessment on the facility. That assessment was completed last week and now we await the report to see what work needs to be done on the pool. Early signs show there will need to be a fair amount of work done on the drainage system. Considering this, and the other issues that will be brought forth by the engineering team, we do not anticipate the pool to be open this season.

We need to take the appropriate steps to repair the facility, rather than rush and patch work it and cause more damage and put more money into the building. By properly planning and assessing, we can invest the right amount into the facility to keep it open for future pool seasons to come.

In the meantime, we will continue to focus and improve Jackfish as we build on the work started last year. We are also working with our program provider, the Life Saving Society, on ways we can hold some events through the summer at Jackfish. More information will be released on that once the details are finalized. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at the pool in 2022.