Open-Air Fire Ban Effective Immediately

Message from Town of Norman Wells Fire Chief:

“Over the last couple weeks we have had a couple big events within the community and I am so impressed with how this town will jump in a time of need to selflessly help even if that means putting themselves in danger. I do not condone anyone putting themselves in a dangerous situation but the bravery and courage of some town residents has certainly helped prevent bad situations from turning much worse and each and every one of you deserve a great deal of thanks for that. With conditions being very dangerous for fire right now we need to continue to look out for one another. The best way we can do that now is to be extra careful and try to prevent anything from happening and take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. Looking out for your neighbor could be as simple as cleaning up the brush around your property to remove any combustible material to prevent fire or it could also be as simple as following the fire ban even if it is an inconvenience. The fire season has only just begun so I am asking residents to please look out for one another and please use the utmost caution when smoking and doing any activity that could cause sparks or potentially start a fire. We all have a duty to keep one another safe and safety needs to start at a community level.

Thank you for understanding,

Chief B. Scott”