North-Wright Airways Now Offering Additional Flights to Yellowknife!

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As Mayor and Council, we support our locally owned and operated airline, North-Wright Airways as they step up in a time of need to offer additional flights to and from Yellowknife to service our residents, businesses and tourists. We value the hard work of the employees, management and ownership including the Sahtu Indigenous partners (Norman Wells Land Corporation, Techi?Q Ltd and Yamoga Land Corporation) in servicing our community with 15 flights to Yellowknife per week.

We as Mayor and Council value our business community and believe in supporting our local businesses especially for our own travel plans, as we believe this supports a goal identified in our 2019 Strategic Plan developed by Council to Support and Promote a Strong, Dynamic and Innovative Local Economy.

We thank North-Wright Airways for the difference they make in our local economy and any support we can provide them to achieve our strategic goals is what we believe will make a difference in our community.

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