Norman Wells Proud: Senate Committee for Transportation and Communications

Mayor Pope, alongside Jason Balaski from BCI and David Hodgson from HRN, represented Norman Wells and the Sahtu Region at the Senate Committee for Transport and Communications this morning. Their presence and advocacy shed light on the significant challenges that the Sahtu region faces on a daily basis, particularly in the realms of transportation, the cost of goods, and the overall high cost of living in our region.

The team passionately addressed the Senate Committee, emphasizing the pressing issues that impact the lives of our community members. Their insights into the daily struggles faced by residents and the hurdles encountered in the transportation of people and goods were invaluable. It was a crucial opportunity to make our voices heard on a larger platform and advocate for positive changes that can enhance the well-being of everyone in the Sahtu Region.

We are so proud of Mayor Pope, Jason and Dave for their dedication to representing our community’s interests at such a significant forum. Their commitment to addressing the challenges we face demonstrates their unwavering support for the people of Norman Wells and the broader Sahtu Region.

As a community, let’s express our gratitude and support for their hard work in advocating for a better quality of life for us all. By standing together, we can continue to make positive strides toward overcoming the many obstacles our region faces.

Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes of their efforts, and let’s continue working together for the betterment of Norman Wells and the Sahtu Region!