Norman Wells Chip Seal Project

Due to a number of uncontrollable issues is has been determined more prudent to postpone this project to 2023 build season.

• A capital heavy year for the Town
• Drainage project running into serious delays, northside not prepped for chipseal
• Barge season and space unpredictable due to supply chains, weather, post covid period
• We could still plan for late season chip seal but unpredictability with barge and weather such that investment into required materials high risk because of lack of surety on start/completion dates involved (10 tankers of oil that would require heated storage over winter if not utilized)
• Potential of additional maintenance over life of chip seal
• Benefits of postponing project to early Spring 2023:

  • Comprehensive guardrail replacement before laying of chip seal
  • SSDP driveway and transition work can be done by Town staff for a substantial cost savings with additional time afforded by postponement
  • SSDP settlement
  • Mackenzie mulching
  • Chip seal prep work on Raven/Forestry

Thank you for your patience, we are looking forward to a completed Chip Seal Project in late Spring 2023.