Help Advance Equity and Inclusion in Norman Wells

The Advancement of Equity and Inclusion Committee is committed to removing systemic and persistent forms of discrimination through public awareness initiatives, community engagement, the development of activities, gathering information through research, reviewing and reporting on municipal government policies, legislation, programs and services, collaborating with relevant organizations with similar objectives, and advocating for change.

The Committee envisions a society that celebrates the equity and inclusion of all residents and one that respects and embraces diverse experiences, perspectives, skills, cultures, and knowledge in all spheres of society.The Committee is guided by our respect for equity and inclusion. When we are allies, we commit ourselves to using the information we learn to stand beside, and advocate for, those with whom we work. Using an intersectional approach, the committee will create policies, practices and procedures that are responsive to the needs of a diverse community.

Upcoming events: June 2022 is Pride Month and Indigenous History Month! Do you like event planning or helping create a positive impact on your community?

Click the link below to apply as a volunteer for the Advancement of Equity and Inclusion Committee.