Mt. Avens Award Nominees

Good morning Norman Wells!

Due to the pandemic, judging for the Mt. Avens award will not be taking place.

Instead, ALL nominees will receive a $75 Gift Card to a local business of your choice! *$75 can not be used towards tax or utility payments*.

Nominees, please contact the town office at 867-587-3700 or via email at to advise us as to which business you would like your gift card for!

Thank you to Councillor Wever and the Town Planning and Land Use Committee for their work in organizing the Mt. Avens Award!

Traditional Yard Nominees:

Joel Erb, Karea Peachey, Alisa Larson, James McPherson, Mitzi Hodgson

Vegetable Garden Nominees:

Hannah Spencer, Shannon Caidler, Angie Denslow, Peggy Sue Chubb, Harold Harris, Sherry and David Hodgson