Mayor’s Advocacy Trip to Ottawa- Community Report Part Two

We are excited to share with you a comprehensive report on Mayor Pope’s recent advocacy trip to Ottawa. During this visit, Mayor Pope and Mayor Yallee from Tulita engaged with federal representatives and discussed various critical issues affecting our town as well as the Sahtu Region. Over the next few days, we will be sharing a short summary of the key highlights and discussions that took place during their trip:

Climate Change and Environmental Discussions:

  • Mayor Pope and Mayor Yallee highlighted the impact of climate change on the region, emphasizing the recent storm on the Beaufort coast that caused severe coastline damage. They stressed that climate change and global warming are increasingly affecting the Sahtu Region, and these challenges are expected to worsen over time.

Meetings with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change:

  • Mayor’s Pope and Yallee visited Gatineau and connected with senior staff at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. They discussed extreme climate change issues in the North and inquired about potential solutions.
  • Mayor Pope expressed concerns about low water levels in the Mackenzie River and the challenges foreseen in our resupply efforts for 2024. They also discussed the relaxation of the Carbon Tax in Northern communities and were advised to collaborate with the Government of the Northwest Territories on this matter.

This recent advocacy trip to Ottawa was a crucial step in advancing our community and regional interests and addressing the challenges posed by climate change and economic disparities. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our concerns are heard and addressed at the federal level.