For Immediate Release: New Vision for the Town of Norman Wells

We’re excited to unveil our new logo, a result of an extensive consultation process with Unfussy, in which the community provided invaluable input on how to represent Norman Wells.

This logo is at the heart of a fresh branding initiative that will play a pivotal role in marketing our town. You’ll soon come across this distinctive emblem on our website, letterhead, social media, even town vehicles. The logo symbolizes our commitment to showcasing the uniqueness and vitality of Norman Wells.

Our current logo, which also doubles as our community flag, will continue to hold significance. We’re actively pursuing the official recognition of our flag, and once the process is successfully completed, it will proudly remain as the official flag of the Town of Norman Wells.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates that highlight the spirit of our wonderful community!



(Norman Wells, NWT) Council has adopted a new Brand inspired by the raven—to face the future with
confidence and creativity, determination, intelligence and self-reliance in pursuit of an ambitious
community development vision:

Norman Wells has a three-pillar economy of roughly equal proportions: oil and gas, logistics
(transportation & warehousing), and government. While incomes and job opportunities remain high,
our cold, hard truth is that for all the constant of nature’s heavy yet gentle hand of inspiration,
industry and the life we have known here is changing. The past will not be the future. We need to find
new ways forward, and we can’t rely on others from elsewhere to save us. Norman Wells needs to
plan to save itself…leveraging the primary resource it has…its people.

For all the big goods we can’t ship, we can ship the small and inspired…be it jewelry or craft. Our one of-
a-kinds. And we can ship our intelligence to places around the globe at the snap of a finger.
Salvation lies not at the bottom of an oil well, but the end of a strong, quick and reliable internet
connection. To do this we need to nurture our ability to provide these professional services, and to
develop these Internet businesses. We are a skilled and creative community—and we will reach out,
leveraging our collective professional services and artisan abilities to share our ways and our wares to
the rest of the world. And, despite the high cost of living and of air travel, we will take advantage of
our status as the transportation hub of the region to lure like-minded spirits in need of awakening with
bold affirmation that life near the Arctic Circle doesn’t just demand more…It promises more. It gives
meaning and purpose. It elevates.

Simply and sharply put, these are the proving grounds for those
who dare life to happen.

“We started this initative with a question: Who and what is Norman Wells ten, fifteen years from now?” says Norman Wells Mayor Frank Pope. “Our new brand answers this question with focused vision and dynamic action. Despite adversity, the people of Norman Wells are a rare breed – tough and strong, determined and resilient. We are not industry, we are Norman Wells, and we must attract like-minded kindred spirits…The best of the best to join those of us who choose to stay, roll up our sleeves, and build a better, post-industrial community.”

The new Brand will better connect with residents and potential newcomers. We are the raven in our path forward: Adaptable, resourceful, industrious survivors with legends to be nurtured in our wings. As messengers of lore, ravens symbolize a connection between our world and the spiritual world… between us and our ancestors…between our past and our future. We are Norman Wells… We’re a tough and gritty, yet culturally-significant, creative and artistic community. We’re problem-solvers, we’re fearless, and we’ve got our own back. We’re the toughest, gutsiest hard-core souls in the Sahtu Region, and you’ll never hear a “woe is me” nor an SOS from us. We are proud and protective and we are tightly bound — to the land, to nature, and to each other. We are connected to the paths of those who came before us, and to new ways moving forward. We are one, and our bucket list consists of a single, solitary item: Be Bold and Dare Yourself to Be Great.

“Norman Wells must be so bold as to openly dare people to come and risk it all for bragging rights,” says Mayor Pope. “As alluded to in early advertisements, this ain’t no picnic. Living and working in The Wells isn’t just challenging, it’s a relentlessly beautiful and undeniably transformational challenge to be accepted by only the hardiest and heartiest people on earth. It’s THE challenge to get from here to there…From the person you were to the person you can become. And this is now OUR challenge—to get from the community we are to the community we can be.”