Facility Rental

Did you know the Curling Club, Arena, and Community Hall are available for private rental?

Click here to fill out our inquiry form, call 867-587-3700, or email towninformation@normanwells.com for more information!

Please note- your booking is not confirmed unless damage deposit has been paid and facility rental form has been signed.

Proof of vaccination (for eligible users) is required in all Town owned recreation facilities until further notice.

Recreation Facilities are operating in full compliance with the guidelines and restrictions required by the Chief Public Health Officer and our territory’s reopening which is being guided by the plan, Emerging Wisely. The plan outlines a path towards reopening businesses, services, and activities safely. COVID-19 safety measures and increased cleaning have been implemented to protect the health and safety of our user groups and the community.

The following are rates to be charged for the rental of municipal facilities as per service rates by law #21-21

1.            Ray Persson Memorial Arena

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                           $489.05 per day plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST              

2.            Community Hall

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                           $380.36 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST

                c.             Business Meeting:                                                            $380.36 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                d.            Territorial Court:                                                               $489.05 per day (or portion of) plus GST

3.            Curling Club (at such times that the facility is not under lease to the Norman Wells Curling Club)

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                          $217.35 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST