Elders Driveways- Snow Clearing Waiver (65+)

Please complete Elder Snow Clearing Request Forms and return to the Town Office by November 17, 2023.

These forms need to be filled out annually to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. By providing us with the necessary details, we can efficiently coordinate snow clearing services and prioritize assistance for our elders during the winter months.

We kindly ask for your support in sharing this notice with your family, neighbors, and friends who may not have access to Facebook.

To submit the Elder Snow Clearing Form online, please follow the link provided below:


For those who prefer paper copies, they can be picked up at the Town Office during regular business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (closed from 12pm-1pm).

For more information or assistance, please contact the Town Office at 867-587-3700 or via email at towninformation@normanwells,com