Economic Development Survey Results

The Town of Norman Wells has engaged Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) to design
an economic revival strategy for the Town. As part of the economic revival strategy process,
IBS needed to gain an understanding of the vision, impression, aspirations, and challenges
faced by the residents of the Town of Norman Wells. Consequently, the economic
development survey questionnaire was designed to get an understanding of the current
challenges, goals, and requirements of the Town’s residents, to enable us to create a plan of
revival which meets the goals of Town of Norman Well. The survey was designed by the IBS
research team using an online platform and circulated through the Town of Norman Wells
website as its primary source of engagement. In addition, 146 e-mails were sent out individuals,
businesses and organizations including 67 people who received the survey link on the Town’s
. Face-to-face engagements and telephone calls were conducted by the IBS Project
Director, Project Manager, and the Economic Development Committee of the Town of
Norman Wells. The survey was live for a total of 32 days which provided an adequate amount
of time to the residents to get involved and voice their opinions and incorporate their vision in
the revival plan for the Town of Norman Wells.

To view the results of the Main Economic Development Survey and the Youth Engagement survey, please follow the links below.

Economic Development Conference:

Norman Wells Town Council has also approved an Annual Economic Development Conference, hosted by the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. Do you want to be apart of the conference? Do you have any ideas you wish to share with the committee? Send us an email at