Draft Tire Chains and Chip Seal By Law: Request for Public Input

The Tire Chains and Chip Seal By Law has been recently revised by Council and Senior Management and is now being circulated for public input.

We invite you to please submit your comments, questions, and concerns to town Council via the following methods, and we thank you in advance for your involvement:

Email: towninformation@normanwells.com

Phone: 867-587-3700

Mail: PO Box 386, Norman Wells, NT X0E 0V0

In Person: Requests for delegations must be submitted to the Town Clerk (towninformation@normanwells.com) no later than the Thursday prior to the preferred meeting by 5:00PM. Delegates must state the reason for the request to speak. Council may, at their discretion, accept or refuse a last minute delegation.

Please note- Mayor and Council are also available to meet with residents and business owners in person, by phone, or video chat.

Mayor and Council contact information:

Mayor Frank Pope phone: 867-688-0613 email: mayor_frank_pope@normanwells.com

Deputy Mayor Pascal Audet phone: 867-587-6581 email: councillor_audet@normanwells.com

Councillor Kacee Hunter phone:403-550-3866 email: councillor_hunter@normanwells.com

Councillor Kelly McCoy phone: 867-446-4751 email: councillor_mccoy@normanwells.com

Councillor Alexis Peachey phone: 780-995-5891 email: councillor_peachey@normanwells.com

Councillor Trevor Smith phone:867-678-5555 email: councillor_smith@normanwells.com

Councillor Dave Wever phone: 403-352-9141 email: councillor_wever@normanwells.com

DRAFT Tire Chains and Chip Seal By Law Highlights:

  • Purpose of by law: to prohibit activities that would create damage to the surface of the roads within the Town of Norman Wells
  • To prohibit the use of tire chains on vehicles on all chip seal roadways within the Town excluding the following roadways:
    • Quarry road
    • Canol Drive
    • Raven Road
    • Junkers Ave accessed from Canol Drive to access the Esso Gas Station
  • At this time, Council has decided to forgo any exemptions to tire chains on all prohibited roadways.
  • Removal of overweight application.
  • Council and staff are also investigating the possibility of an alternate chain off area.

For a copy of the current and draft by laws and map click here.