Draft Solid Waste Management By Law

Norman Wells Draft Solid Waste Management By Law Highlights

Upon third reading, the Solid Waste Management By Law will:

  • Set the terms and conditions applicable to users.
  • Provide for proper dumping procedures and new signage for cells to identify proper dump zones.
  • Propose expansion to deal with slope and prolong life of the Solid Waste Management Site.
  • Set reasonable rates or amounts of deposits, fees, and other charges applicable to users (industry/residential waste). This will provide for charging and collecting deposits, fees, and other charges. The purpose of the fees is to cover the landfill maintenance and operation costs.
  • Continue to allow for any person to retrieve salvageable materials at their own risk and expense, during the hours of operation at the Solid Waste Disposal Facility.

Solid Waste Management Consultation Process to Date:

  1. Surveys to residents and industry (2020)
  2. Interviews with residents and industry (2020)
  3. First and Second reading by Town Council (May 19, 2020)
  4. Solid Waste Management Assessment, Gap Analysis and Recommendations (September 2020)
  5. Extensive By Law review (2021)
  6. Public Input (May/June 2021)
  7. Public Hearing (June 9, 2021)
  8. Third Reading (June 15, 2021)

The Draft Solid Waste Management By Law is available for consultation at: https://normanwells.com/town-by-laws/

To request a hard or electronic copy  of the by law, please email governance@normanwells.com