Draft 2022 Operational and Capital Budgets

Every year municipal staff put forward a draft budget for comment. There are two parts- the operational budget that covers all day to day services of the municipality, and the capital budget which covers large infrastructure and other long term projects. The draft budget has been posted for public review. The operational and capital budgets are scheduled for second reading on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 @ 7pm.

Highlights of the Operational Budget:

  • No tax increase
  • 3.5% cost of living increase to salary grid
  • 3.5% fee increase
  • $10 garbage rate increase
  • No solid waste tipping fees

Highlights of the Capital Budget:

  • Penguin Palace Pool Upgrades
  • Chip seal project phase 2
  • Roadway and drainage improvements
  • Tube settler replacement (water plant)
  • Landfill expansion
  • Trans Canada trail upgrades