Curfew Notice- September 1, 2021

Community Update – September 1, 2021

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Curfew Notice


The Emergency Measures Committee as per the Emergency Measures By Law #21-14 has instated a curfew between the times of 12am and 6am.

Emergency Measures By Law Section 15: State of Local Emergency

e.         Implement and enforce a curfew for all persons within the municipal boundaries of Norman Wells. No person, without reasonable excuse, shall be on a street or in a public place during the hours set by the EMOC for the purpose of addressing safety, health, protection, and welfare of people. First offence fine of no less than $20.00 and not more than $50.00. Second and subsequent offenses result in a fine of no less than $50.00 and not more than $100.00. This Curfew will come into effect upon activation of the Emergency Measures Organization.