Council Strategic Planning

Norman Wells Town Council and Administration began strategic planning on November 13-14, 2021. Strategic planning is a process in which organizational leaders determine their vision for the future as well as identify their goals and objectives for the organization. The process also includes establishing the sequence in which those goals should fall so that the organization is enabled to reach its stated vision.

Council established Advocacy as a priority. The following are of Council’s main areas of concern:


-Health care

-All season road

-Food security

-COVID-19 fund reimbursement

-Increased capital/infrastructure funding from territorial and federal levels of government

-GNWT lease tax arrears

-Housing sole sourcing of new builds

Council will also focus on partnership and network building with the following groups:

-Norman Wells Land Corporation

-SAHTU leadership

-NWT Association of Communities

-Norman Wells Chamber of Commerce

-Community groups

-Customers and service providers

To view the SAO’s full report on Council Strategic Planning please click here.