Citizen of the Year Nominations Now Open

The Council of the Town of Norman Wells wishes to promote and recognize the efforts of volunteers within the community by granting a “Citizen of the Year” award to a deserving individual.

*Please provide a brief write up as to why the nominee is deserving of this award

*Nominations must be submitted no later than 5pm on Friday, June 17, 2022

Eligibility Criteria, Conditions, and information:

  1. A “deserving citizen(s) or organization” shall be those who have consistently demonstrated volunteer commitment and effort within the community for a period of not less than two years;
  • The award shall be a work of art, whenever possible, by a local artist and shall be of a value no greater than $1000.00 per recipient;
  • Nominations for “Citizen of the Year” will be solicited through public advertisements, utilizing the community channel, and bulletin boards within the community;
  • Council shall carefully review all nominations received to determine the recipient(s) of the award; and
  • The award shall be presented in a timely fashion at a public ceremony as deemed appropriate by Council.

Please submit the following form and write up via email to or in person to #3 Mackenzie Drive, Norman Wells, NT