Capital Projects Update

South Subdivision Drainage Project:

Work commenced on Woodland Drive on May 30, 2022.
Project duration is anticipated to be 8 wks.

Forestry Road Ditching Project:

Drainage ditching is now complete. Culvert installation is anticipated to be complete during the first week of July 2022

Chip Seal Road Upgrade:

Chip Seal project is anticipated to start this coming July/August. The project is anticipated to take two weeks!

Landfill Expansion and Slope Stabilization:

Tender was distributed May 20, 2022.
Contractor Site Walk June 2, 2022
Tender Close date June 24, 2022
Anticipated Phase 1 start date: July / Aug 2022: 90 days
Anticipated Phase 2 start date: Spring / Summer 2023: 80 days

Municipal Pool:

Upgrades to the Penguin Palace are anticipate to wrap up by mid July.

We are currently looking to hire seasonal lifeguards. Please email for more information. No lifeguards = No pool! Training available to those who are not certified lifeguards.