Canadian North Survey Results: What’s Next?

Action Plan for Advocacy framework on Cost-of-Living increases and impacts on quality of life in the Sahtu

Council would like to thank residents and businesses who contributed invaluable information and unfiltered testimonies!

We would like to elucidate that the goal of this advocacy work is not merely about Canadian North’s recent decrease in flights to Norman Wells. The recent changes to the flight schedule highlight a much larger issue which is inevitable cost of living increases to Sahtu communities. Service cuts are one of the many factors that contribute to an increase in cost of living.

We have your survey responses, so now what?

  • We will be compiling anecdotal and researched data to create a comprehensive, supportable, relatable advocacy package.
  • Information collected will be used locally, territorially, and federally for the purposes of community unity on advocacy issues, and governmentally for advocacy to decision makers.
  • The advocacy package will highlight cost of living realities in Norman Wells and the Sahtu Region which are inclusive of:
  • Basic needs of food, fuel, education.
  • Social infrastructure needs i.e.: health, mental health supports.
  • Business supports or lack thereof.
  • Transitioning out of IOL support as major producer to remediation.
  • Declining population.
  • Physical environment.
  • Community financial supports required for survival and semblance of sustainable community and regional growth.


  • Council will be meeting with Member of Parliament for the Northwest Territories, Michael McLeod in July and will present him with the advocacy package.
  • Mayor Pope continues to be in contact with the President of Canadian North who has been very understanding and willing to listen and is trying to accommodate Norman Wells as much as possible.
  • Invitations have been sent out to Sahtu Leadership for the 2024 Sahtu Regional Conference where leaders will discuss common issues in hopes to strengthen regional advocacy efforts.
  • Mayor Pope and Deputy Mayor Audet have plans to travel to the other Sahtu Community Governments to meet with leadership to discuss mutual topics.

Council is committed to keeping the community informed every step of the way in their advocacy efforts. See summary of survey results below!

For more information or to speak to Mayor Pope and Council regarding advocacy efforts please call 867-587-3700 or email