April 5th Council Update

Town Council passed first reading of the draft Tire Chains and Chip Seal by law on April 5, 2022. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to review the current and draft documents (https://normanwells.com/town-by-laws/) and submit any comments, questions, or concerns to Council or the Town Office.

See Council and Administration contact information below.https://normanwells.com/town-hall/staff-directory/To apply as a delegation to speak about the proposed Tire Chains by law or any other matters visit https://normanwells.com/…/Application-to-appear-as-a…

Council is waiting information regarding an environmental report conducted on lot 345 before further discussion regarding a Community Gathering Area on that space.

We’d like to welcome the following individuals who were recently appointed by Council as committee members. Thank you Jenel Brown (Economic Development and Tourism Committee), Jeff Walker (Town Planning and Land Use Committee), and Sydney Pope (Advancement of Equity and Inclusion Committee) for your commitment!

The Finance Manager reported great success with the recent utilities arrears campaign. Payment plans have helped clean up the arrears list significantly. Council has directed administration to publish a list of utilities accounts which are 90 days over due. Please contact the town office if you wish to set up a payment plan!

Council further discussed the need for a daycare facility in Norman Wells. Administration has been directed to to have a formal building condition assessment done on the building which was previously utilized for daycare services. https://normanwells.com/town-hall/council-minutes/