2022 Ray Persson Arena Schedule

We are so excited that our recreation facilities are open again but of course there are a few items of housekeeping we would like to remind you of!

1. Fitness Centre Capacity will remain 5 people at a time and workouts will be limited to 1 hour.

2. Arena capacity is now at 50 people at a time! Minor and Senior hockey will start this week- go thunder!

3. The Community Hall is now open and has a limit of 50 people at a time. We ask that all user groups please come into the town office to sign the user groups agreement. Please email towninformation@normanwells.com for more information.

4. The curling club is currently approved to host 25 people at a time.

*All users who are eligible must show proof of vaccination (12+) upon entering all town owned recreation facilities. Masks are also mandatory (except ice surface) and please keep a physical distance of 2 meters.*

See arena schedule below.