2021-2026 Economic Development Strategy

The Town of Norman Wells’ Economic Development Strategic Plan, outlines the steps we are taking to support a healthy and vibrant local economy.

The plan to achieve economic self-sustenance for the Town of Norman Wells was arrived at and is based on five (5) interdependent strategic goals aimed to ensure the economic revival and prosperity of the community.

The Five (5) Strategic Goals, which have been identified are as follows:

Strategic Goal 1: Town of Norman Wells emerges as a vibrant hub for regional entrepreneurship and sustainable economic development;

Strategic Goal 2: Town of Norman Wells is known as a great place to live, visit, and invest;

Strategic Goal 3: Infrastructure, including community amenities in the Town
and region, are improved, and developed based on community needs;

Strategic Goal 4: Norman Wells is recognized as the centre for post secondary education, training, and development; and

Strategic Goal 5: Key economic sectors are flourishing and integrating.

The above stated goals, related objectives and strategies are realistic and achievable, and set the roadmap for the Town to turn around its economy, grow and achieve economic prosperity.

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