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The following link provides you information on:

  • How do I understand my property taxes
  • What are Municipal Taxation Communities

Here are the principal steps of the taxation process:


  • Taxation notices being mailed (include property taxes and school taxes)
  • Payment period (60 days)
  • Application for Senior Tax Relief period
  • Payment in lieu claim period


  • Monthly penalty applied to any account with outstanding balance


  • Monthly penalty applied to any account with outstanding balance
  • Accounts with outstanding balance become in arrears (January 1st)
  • List of properties in tax arrears posted at the Town Office (March 31st)

*The process includes letters mailed to the property owner and the offer to enter into a payment plan agreement. The process may result in the sale of the property by public auction.

Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief

The following link provides information on the program:

Here is the application form:

Payment Plan

The Town of Norman Wells offers property owners to set up a payment plan. 

The monthly penalties are waived for the duration of the plan if the schedule of payment is respected. 

*It is important to keep the Town of Norman Wells informed of any change of mailing address as the communications relating to the property assessment process are done by mail.