Community Plan and Zoning By-Law Renewal Project 2020-2021

Solid Waste Management

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On the 9th of June a public meeting was held to address the concerns of Town residents on the
implementation of the Solid Waste Management By-Law as drafted and approved through a second reading.

Town staff, in consideration of the issues raised by one resident and the collection contractor
have revisited the By-Law to amend appropriate sections in order to address their concerns.

Staff have also prepared a Summary Table that identifies all of the issues raised and
suggested measures that the Town can undertake in implementing the By-Law.

Of the specific concerns raised they can be considered as either;
(1) Requiring an amendment to the By-Law;
(2) A matter that can be addressed through the discretion Town staff apply in enforcing the
By-Law: and

(3) Requires political consideration ( Imposing fees )
Staff have amended the By-Law to address a number of issues raised by the Town collection
contractor, namely ;
Definitions Section

  • “Truck Load” means a quantity of waste that can be transported in a regular pick-up truck.
    A pick-up truck’s box length not exceeding 8 feet (2.4 metres);
    Waste Transport Section
  • “Any vehicle operator shall segregate special waste(s) within truck load for identification
    and proper storage or disposal at the Solid Waste Disposal Facility. “
    ( note : this would not apply to the Town’s waste collection contractor )
    Fines Section
  • “ Hazardous waste fines assessed to be determined upon the severity and volume of
    waste. The determination of the fine amount will be established by a licensed and
    qualified engineer.”
    It is the recommendation of Town staff that the amended By-Law be passed in the interests of ;
  • Establishing the waste management facility operating standards and practices needed to
    meet the compliance requirements detailed in the Sahtu Land and Water Board licence.
  • Implementation of a “ User Pay “ principle that reflects the volume of use that a
    resident or businesses has of the Town’s waste management facility.
  • Establish the financing program needed to address and minimize the environmental
    restoration and liability associated with operating the landfill facility and it’s future