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Norman Wells Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is located upstairs in the Ray Persson Memorial Arena. It has all the amenities for your workout. A variety of cardio machines to fit your workout. A free weight area with benches to mix in all levels of workouts. Cables and other machines that help you target muscles from leg to chest. Bench press stations and squat racks which are a standard to most workouts. This gym offers all the necessities to stay active and fit in the north, especially during those cold winter months.


For the Service Rates By Law click here.

Regular Adult:

Weekly                             $16.50 plus GST

Monthly                               $43.50 plus GST

3 Months                            $114.50 plus GST

6 Months                            $195.50 plus GST

12 Months                         $326.00 plus GST

Family: ½ of the applicable rate for each additional adult residing in the same household plus GST

                Youth:                   ½ of the applicable adult rate

                Note: Youth under 18 years must be monitored by an adult in attendance

                Corporate Rate – (paid by the employer on annual memberships only):

                Buy two (2) annual adult memberships, get one free.                    

Elders                                                                    Free      

Council                                                                 Free

Town Staff                                                          Free      

Fire Department Members                          Free

Christmas (December) Special:   One year membership $250 plus GST