Community Plan and Zoning By-Law Renewal Project 2020-2021

Application to Authorize Proxy Voter

If you are unable to get to the polling station to vote on Monday, October 18, 2021, you may choose another eligible voter to vote on your behalf. You (the voter) must complete the application for proxy voter.  The person voting on your behalf (the proxy voter) must sign the declaration form.  Please bring valid … Read more

Labour Market Recovery Program – Wage Grant

The Labour Market Recovery Wage Grant is intended to support employers impacted by restrictions ongathering sizes imposed by a relevant public health order by providing funding for a Wage Grant. Theobjective is to support employers to retain or bring staff back into the workplace in an environment where theemployer has lost revenue due to the … Read more

Department of Education, Culture & Employment Programs and Support Information

The Department of Education, Culture & Employment (ECE) delivers programs for individuals, employers, organizations and communities. The fact sheets below provide information about the labour and employment programs available! For further information please contact the ECE Regional Career Development Team. E.C.E Sahtu region Career development Team: Career development officer for communities: Norman wells, Colville Lake … Read more

Snow Clearing Waiver (65+)

It’s not quite that time of year yet, but we can get a head start on waivers! Fill out the snow clearing waiver online, or download the pdf form here and drop it off at the town office.

Solid Waste Management Site Update

Council recently passed the Solid Waste Management By Law. There is a need to expand the landfill, therefore we must manage it more diligently as per the Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB) in order for our water license to remain in compliance. Over the next week, we will be providing information and updates on … Read more