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Enbridge - Reactivation Application

December 13, 2017


December 13, 2017

Line 21 Indigenous Groups, Communities and Stakeholders

Line 21 Reactivation Application

Through the ongoing monitoring program for the Line 21 pipeline (Line 21), Enbridge identified increased rates of movement around the south slope of the Mackenzie River crossing. As a result, in December 2016, as a precautionary measure, Enbridge took action to shut down Line 21, and purged and isolated the segment of pipeline at the Mackenzie River crossing.

Because the majority of Line 21 has been out of service for an extended period of time, on December 5, 2017, Enbridge applied to the National Energy Board (NEB) for approval to "deactivate" Line 21, which means "to remove temporarily from service." Enbridge also submitted an Integrity Management Plan outlining the measures Enbridge is taking to ensure continued safety of Line 21 while it is deactivated. Enbridge plans to maintain Line 21 in a deactivated state until construction of the replacement segment at the Mackenzie River crossing is complete, at which time Enbridge plans to restart, or "reactivate" Line 21. The target date for restarting Line 21, pending regulatory approvals, is Q4 2018.

This letter is to inform you that Enbridge will soon be applying to the NEB to "reactivate" Line 21 and to provide you with an opportunity to learn about Enbridge’s plans to reactivate Line 21 and to communicate any concerns that you may have. The reactivation application will contain the following information:

  •  The rationale for bringing the pipeline back into service;
  •  A schedule outlining when reactivation of the pipeline is planned;
  •  A description of the activities associated with the reactivation;
  •  The operating conditions under which Line 21 will operate, once it has been reactivated;
  •  An estimate of the costs associated with the reactivation;
  •  Confirmation that Enbridge will follow the requirements of applicable industry standards; and
  •  An engineering assessment demonstrating the integrity of the pipeline system and its suitability for the proposed service.

It is important to note that the reactivation application is not an application for the continued operation of Line 21; Enbridge already has the necessary approvals and permits to operate Line 21. Rather, the purpose of the reactivation application is to demonstrate that, after assessing the integrity of the pipeline, the restart of Line 21 will be carried out in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. Enbridge does not anticipate any physical work or ground disturbance associated with the reactivation of Line 21.

We will provide you with a draft of the reactivation application once it is complete and are happy to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns about the reactivation process or application. We are also available to meet or discuss with you after you receive the draft application.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or input you may have regarding the Line 21 Project or the deactivation / reactivation applications. You can contact us at 1-888-992-0997 or by email at projects@enbridge.com


Ken Jacobson


Athabasca and Northern Regions Operations