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The following are rates to be charged for the rental of municipal facilities as per service rates by law #21-21

1.            Ray Persson Memorial Arena

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                           $489.05 per day plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST 

Recreation Services

  1. Skating Arena

                Private Ice Rental                             $76.00/hr plus GST

2. Fitness Centre

                Regular Adult:

  • Weekly                                 $16.50 plus GST
    • Monthly                               $43.50 plus GST
    • 3 Months                            $114.50 plus GST
    • 6 Months                            $195.50 plus GST
    • 12 Months                          $326.00 plus GST

                Family: ½ of the applicable rate for each additional adult residing in the same

                                                household plus GST

                Youth:                   ½ of the applicable adult rate

                Note: Youth under 18 years must be monitored by an adult in attendance

                Corporate Rate – (paid by the employer on annual memberships only):

                Buy two (2) annual adult memberships, get one free.                     

                Elders                                                                    Free      

Council                                                                 Free

Town Staff                                                          Free      

Fire Department Members                          Free

Christmas (December) Special:   One year membership $250 plus GST

  1. Swimming Pool

                Private Rentals:

  • Adult function                   $48.90/hour plus GST
  • Youth function                  $38.05/hour plus GST


2.            Community Hall

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                           $380.36 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST

                c.             Business Meeting:                                                            $380.36 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                d.            Territorial Court:                                                               $489.05 per day (or portion of) plus GST

3.            Curling Club (at such times that the facility is not under lease to the Norman Wells Curling Club)

                a.             Licensed Function:                                                          $217.35 per day (or portion of) plus GST

                b.            Non-Licensed Function:                                                  $163.00 per day plus GST