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Economic Development and Tourism Committee

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The Economic Development and Tourism Committee (EDTC) is made up of seven members of the community whom are appointed by Council and two members from Council.

The mandate of the Norman Wells Economic Development and Tourism Committee is to support and expand the Community Economic Development initiatives to support, stakeholders from the community, business and industry within the municipality of Norman Wells and to encourage community development that enhances the quality of life of people working and living in the community, as well as future residents. The Committee is currently in the process of implementing their top ten suggestions for Council to focus on regarding Community Economic Development initiatives, listed in the 2021-2026 Economic Development Strategic Plan.

To suggest Economic Development Opportunities for the Town of Norman Wells, click here.

To read the results of the Economic Development Survey click here.

To read the Economic Development Committee minutes click here.

Members: Josh Earls, Zuzana Crook.

Council Members: Councillor Kacee Hunter (Committee Chair), Councillor David Wever(Committee Vice-Chair)

Staff Representative: Carl Ceder.