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Business Directory

Trumpeter Camp Company Partnership

Camp Rental

Tel: 587-2223
Fax: 587-2250
Location: Box 370 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Tulita District Investment Corporation

Private Sector & Government Contracting and Consulting Services; Undertakes Contracts on Major Construction Infrastructure and Development Projects

Tel: 867-445-8088
Fax: 867-587-2049
Location: Box 202 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Western Arctic Dental Group (o/a Sahtu Dental Clinic)

Oral Health Services

Contact Person: Viktor Dorokhine
Tel: 867-777-3008
Fax: 867-777-2774
Location: Box 2926 X0E 0T0 Inuvik , NT

Whiponic Northern Cartrols Inc (Heritage Hotel)


Tel: 867-587-5000
Fax: 867-587-5001
Location: Box 279 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Whiponic Wellputer Ltd

General Contractor -- Carpentry, Electrical, Mechanical

Tel: 867-587-2389
Fax: 867-587-2821
Location: Box 278 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Willow Crescent Quilting

Custom Quilting Services & Supply

Contact Person: Dorathy Alberta
Tel: 867-620-0087
Location: Box 273 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Yamouri Inn Ltd

Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Dining Lounge

Tel: 867-587-2744
Fax: 867-587-2262
Location: Box 268 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT