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Town Manager/ Senior Administrative Officer (SAO)

The Town Manager/SAO has overall responsibility for the administration of the Municipal Corporation. This function includes developing corporate policy as well as providing policy advice to Council regarding the Town’s operating procedures.

Prime responsibilities are to provide administrative leadership, co-ordinate interdepartmental activities, direct the implementation of Council approved policies, recommend a capital and current budget to Council on an annual basis and administer the appropriate policy controls to ensure that all Town programs are delivered within corporate budget.

The Town Manager/SAO also explores and develops new and more effective ways of administering Town programmes and is ultimately responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the Municipal Corporation.

Fire Chief

The Fire Chief is responsible for organization and direction of the volunteer Fire Department in order to ensure that loss of life, property or injury as a result of fire is prevented and/or minimized. 

The Fire Chief is responsible for directing the activities of the Fire Department and is the sole authority and command at the scene of a fire. 

The Fire Chief is also responsible for directing all volunteer fire fighters and ensuring that fire fighters have adequate training and adequate equipment. 

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk works closely with the Town Manager /SAO planning, organizing and co-ordinating the meetings of the Town Council. The Town Clerk maintains the Town’s official records and also manages external communication for the Town in coordination with the Town Manager/SAO.

Finance Department

The Finance Department includes a Finance Manager (currently vacant position) and Finance Clerk. The Finance Department is responsible for providing and administrating the financial affairs of the Town under the direction of the Town Manager/SAO by performing a variety of functions to include general budgeting and accounting services as well as employee payroll and benefits, accounts receivable and accounts payable functions. The Finance Department manages the corporate acquisition of goods and services functions under the guidance of the Town Manager/SAO and provides effective operating support services to all Departments in the purchase of goods and services.

Public Works

The Public Works Department requires a Public Works Manager, Foreman and Support Workers. Public Works Department is responsible for road construction and maintenance, snow removal, the management of the contracted municipal garbage collection and the management of the solid waste site. The Department is also responsible for site plan development, lot grading and filling.

Utilities Department

The Utilities Department necessitates a Utilities Manager and Water Utilities Operators. The Utilities Department ensures the proper maintenance of the drinking water system. The Department is also responsible for the management of the contracted water and sewer delivery services, management of the municipal lagoon, and the maintenance and management of the municipal water lines system.

Recreation Department

The Recreation Department includes a Recreation Manager and Programmer, the Youth and Elder Coordinator and Arena Attendant. The Recreation Department manages the arena, curling rink, community hall, swimming pool, youth and elder centre and other municipal owned recreation facilities.

Lands / Development Officer

The Lands / Development Officer is based in the Town’s Administrative Officer and under the direction of the Town Manager/SAO is responsible for planning, development and disposition of lands within the Town of Norman Wells. The Development Officer also processes building and quarry permits and also ensures compliance with the Town’s By-Law’s.

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

The Town Receptionist/Administrative Assistant receives the general public, ensures their proper referral and assists with the administration of the Town operations as required to include management of the Town Utility Bills and accounts receivable alongside the Finance Clerk.

Contact Town Administration at 867-587-3700 

Town Council and Mayor

The Council of the Town of Norman wells is comprised of six Councillors and one Mayor who are elected for three year terms. 

Council meetings are open to the public and held in the Council Chamber at the Town Office on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm. 

You can browse the Council Agendas and Minutes (current year) and Meeting Archives (past years).

The meetings of Council and its Committees are regulated by the rules contained in the Council procedures By-Law. Procedures have evolved over the years and are intended to facilitate efficient handling of Council business. The provisions of the Procedures By-Law are observed by both Council and its Committees. The Mayor is responsible for its overal operation. 

Contact Town Council and Mayor at 867-587-3700